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MIKRIS Project Management Business Consulting Company was founded in 2014 and is contained of professionals with years of experience in various consulting fields.

The primary area of business is related to managing projects, planning investments, helping to obtain more favorable EU loans, and supporting grants . Our company is focused on the project preparation, project management, coordination and implementation of projects and financial monitoring of approved projects. Our services also include market research, which is the basis for developing a quality and good entrepreneurial idea. For better quality control, we typically cover the entire development cycle of each project (from idea development to monitoring during project, implementation and to multi-year follow-up of project goals after completion).

Our competitive advantage is that the company offers a complete service from idea development to collaboration in project realization. We also have experience in project monitoring and implementation. As experts in business consulting, with our experience, we can help entrepreneurs and other clients to shape their business ideas into a logical whole, and thus the project realization . We work with the public (municipalities, government agencies, educational institutions) and the private sector (from small to large companies).

Our highly educated professionals are experts and their approach is success-oriented, their main concern is developing good ideas and transforming them into successful projects . We have a wide network of consultants active in various fields such as investment and business planning, project management, financial monitoring and project implementation management. In addition, we provide a variety of additional consultancy, education and training on managing EU projects and funds.

In addition to the above, we also educate, with which we want to bring EU funds and other interesting business topics closer to a wider range of people. Our experts are presented as educators in the Plavi Ured (education on event organization) and on the EU Business Brunch platform (education on EU funds).

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